Church Re-Construction Completed

Our God fulfils His promises, fulfils our good dream, and fulfils our hope.  Spiritual Growth of our Church is our primary objective. We the members of IPC Mayur Vihar have great plans and ideas to fulfill our objective.

Saving perishing souls, adding members to our Church, worshiping God, sending out missionaries to reap the harvest extending financial support to spiritual activities etc. are our primary objectives.  To fulfill our objectives and resolution, a multi-storied building was needed.  Thanks to God for providing us this beautiful building.  We, the members of IPC Mayur Vihar, dedicate ourselves for fulfilling our above objectives as gratitude towards God.

Our heart-felt Gratitude to OUR BELOVED LORD JESUS CHRIST

It is a matter of joy and pride for us that we have made a remarkable contribution within a short period of 1 ½ years. As we planned and began the construction, everyone wondered if this would become a reality at all in the near future

The construction of this church has been considered as a ‘miracle’ by everyone in the congregation taking into consideration the money it cost and the financial situation of the church.

Our heart-felt Gratitude to Pastor K Joy, President of IPC Delhi State

Pastor K Joy is the founder of this Church, Patron of this Church, he and his family are the member of this Church.  IPC Mayur has its own building only on account of his marvelous help and amazing financial contribution.  We, the members of IPC Mayur Vihar are always with him, always support his ministry and this entire building are always open for all his spiritual activities.

We are also thankful to Pastors , members of churches of IPC Delhi State and also Ex-Members of IPC Mayur Vihar who have also financially helped us.  We thank them and we remember them in our prayers for their valuable contribution and support.  May God blessed them abundantly.

Finally, all members of this Church really proud and deserve all credits, without their contribution and hard work, it was impossible to construct this complete building.  A number of donations which we know have been a real sacrifice for the members to help build this church.   Their prayer support, physical support, financial support and all efforts were wonderful. All members of the Church gave their time and talent to complete this project.

All we can say is `Till now LORD helped us’.



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